Whenever I’m out after hours, I run into people that walk up to me and shake my hand. I used to be surprised, but I have kind of gotten used to it.

They almost always say, “Hey Doc, I know who you are. I’ve seen your AD with the photo. I just wanted to shake your hand and tell you I believe in what you do, and my friend loves what you did for her hip pain and foot pain.”

I’m flattered of course, so maybe I should tell you a little more about that photo, and why I use it.

I’m a licensed doctor of chiropractic and I’ve been in practice in this area about 15 years. I love the people, I love what I do, I love my staff, and I most of all, I love helping people just like you… get out of pain.

Now granted there are a lot of people that advertise that they can help you get out of pain, but most of the them DO NOT have the advanced and proven technology that I now have available at my office.

There are a lot of people that have problems, including: heel pain, foot pain, plantar fasciitis, elbow pain, knee pain, shin pain, shoulder pain, muscle pain, back pain, and even neck pain, but with our new Pressure Wave Therapy from Switzerland, and our warm Laser, we’ve been able to help a majority of people finally-get out of pain.

Nice thing about the Pressure Wave and Laser Therapy is… it “doesn’t hurt.” In fact, it feels so good – – you could probably go to sleep, if the treatments were any longer than they are. It’s very, very relaxing and it works FAST.

• It’s SAFE to use
• Non-invasive so ‘NO PAIN’
• Risk of future surgery can be reduced
• You feel results that day
• Cost effective
• A natural alternative

Its strange how life is, because now people come to see me with neuropathy, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel pain, etc. Some even come to me with tingling in their hands and feet.

Here’s what some of my patients have said lately: “I just love what you’re doing. The PW and laser Therapy is the most amazing therapy I’ve ever had used on me. It’s amazing.”

It also helps:

• Regeneration of the nerves                          • Joint injuries and pains
• Muscle strain                                                  • Acute and chronic injuries
• Disc injuries                                                    • Spine pain
• Sports injuries                                                • Ligament injuries
• Arthritis Pain                                                   • and more…

This specialized one-of-a-kind warm laser and Pressure Wave technology is currently being used as an adjunct to World and Olympic athletes. It’s what is known as their “secret weapon” and it’s available to you at this office. No PAIN Anymore!!

Dr. Jeffrey Metcalf

If you’re tired of struggling with PAIN, and you want relief, and you’re tired of getting no real results, you have to experience this amazing therapy.

Right now, there are a lot of Americans just like you that don’t have good health insurance.

They go to the doctor, and find out that their deductible is sky high, or their benefits have been reduced so much they can hardly afford to go to the doctor. THAT’S WHERE I COME IN. Due to this new Therapy and the 4 step treatment program, you can potentially get the relief you want… in a very short amount of time.

That means you’re going to never have to worry about insurance because the fees are affordable, you’re going to get out of pain, and you’re not going to have to take a second mortgage out on your home to pay for your health care. This is especially important to you if you are self-employed or on a budget.

You are the one that will BENEFIT big time from this amazing Therapy – Look, you know as well as I do, health care should NOT cost you an arm and a leg. So to get the most savings, all you have to do is call our office and schedule an appointment.

I’ll tell you exactly how much your treatments will cost… during your “doctors report of findings.” And remember. There are no hidden fees. Nothing in small print. None of that. You’ll get all the treatments for – One Set Fee.

Is this for you? If you are NOT a candidate for this therapy, I’m going to tell you that upfront. That means if we talk and you’re NOT a candidate, you’ll walk out owing me NOTHING. Zip. NADA! That’s just how I work. I want to treat you like I’d want to be treated.

You’ll find out that I am a doctor who tells you the truth, and doesn’t pull any punches. If you want to get better – I’m going to do everything I can… to help you.

If you want to struggle with your pain however, and take drugs that have side effects, I will honor that. Our office is both friendly and warm, plus we give you a wonderful service, at an exceptional fee. We care about our patients.

“I’ve had a really bad knee problem and I could hardly sleep, and even walk, but only a few treatments with these two machines and I was able to walk normally again. It was amazing.”  – I.G. Carney

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